Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Wedding

The weather has been fantastic this weekend and the pollen count has been fantastically high too

The wedding in Copenhagen was great although warm, we were melting in the church and rather warm in the restaurant, but the boat trip around the harbour was very refreshing, possibly as a result of the cold champagne...

There was great food and wine and we had a generally a good time but without J for a bit of a change. It was nice to stay in a hotel and the air conditioning was very welcome last night, however,to make some sort of point in our absence, J appears to have slept until 8 this morning!!!

MK was stunningly glamorous as ever

And I was happy to still fit into some of my clothes


  1. Anonymous12:22 am

    You all look fantastic
    Well done J, obviously the break did him good.
    The parasols look a good idea.
    Brilliant weather herehas well.

  2. Anonymous12:43 am

    what's danish for herehas? G

  3. Anonymous11:59 pm

    "Bollocks", I think.