Friday, June 29, 2007

Competition time

I have been considering for a little while trying to start some sort of occasional competition for my loyal (and not so loyal) readers. I read a reasonable amount and many of the books that I read end up lying around the house getting in the way. I have two ideas, either to start some sort of informal book swapping service so that fellow readers can send books to each other using my blog as a way of communicating (entirely based on faith and honour, no cash involved) or to simply give away my used books to people who ask. The idea being that I post which book I am giving away maybe with a short review and then those who want it leave a comment explaining why they should be the one to get it, I will then decide who to send it to.

Any thoughts?

If anyone has a spare copy of Interpretation of a Murder then please send it to me, I left my half read copy in a hotel in Leeds.


  1. Anonymous10:44 pm

    That previous picture was really beautiful to me, it's the use of color and the theme of the sky/clouds/sun, etc. I have pictures in my home my mother painted, I appreciate artists. What country is the painter from?

    Best of luck with your book sharing idea. Something to think about.


  2. Anonymous11:24 pm

    We do have a copy of 'Interpretation of a murder', which you are welcome to, but it will have to be after we have read it (this could be a while, as two children means absolutely no time to yourself at all to do anything, we are discovering! Even struggling to read my book club recommendation every six weeks!)


  3. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Great Idea.
    Obviously it will be the brits who will want your books in the main.
    If everybody lists what they have or want I will execute the physical exchange when I visit at the beginning of August.
    We have amassed shelves of p/b which we would happily pass on/share.
    3 to go.

  4. Interesting observation that mainly "the brits" will be interested in your books!
    I wonder if I am considered a brit?
    Problem is that postage costs more than the book from here sometimes.
    Publication dates differ though and some books may not be available both sides of the pond.
    Sounds like a good idea - I sort-of do it already.