Friday, June 01, 2007

Night off

We have decided that we will stay in Copenhagen after Amanda and Thomas's wedding so yesterday I managed to get a good deal on the SAS Royal hotel. I am quite excited to be staying there as it is the hotel that Arne Jacobsen designed including all of the now famous furniture specifically to go in it. I'll try to remember to get some photos... (sorry these are not good)
Reception above and the Egg chair below


  1. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Try , to se the only room with the original design, they have all of his design, table, beds , carpet....

  2. Anonymous10:50 am

    Hi Tina. We know that you are reading this; It os nothing to be ashamed of!
    Hope that you had a good night's sleep with J on board.
    About to fetch the celebratory salmon, in the lotus - fantastic weather (Jen doesn't like the top down)
    G cycling to Kenilworth & back for first service.

  3. Anonymous4:41 am

    are we talking "first service" in tennis speak or church speak?
    I am confused because GCN would not, could not, cycle to Kenilworth.
    On the other hand could GBN? and would he be foolish enough to do so for a church service?

  4. Service in bicycle speak although I suspect that will have been a disapointment because there is no way that they will have done a bike service while you wait on a saturday. (It was George as I understand!)

  5. Anonymous11:29 pm

    "Service" as in new bike speak.
    Booked in, in advance, by GBN, so no problem there.
    To Kenilworth, seviced & back again in a little over 2 hours, scarcely working up a sweat.
    (complimentary cup of tea whilst waiting)
    GCN could ride to Kenilworth & will make ths a priority, including coffee at the castle
    (English Heritage membership)
    as soon as time & weather allows.
    35 days to go!