Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Swearing at lawn mowers

In my time I have hurled a few expletives at various mowers, and as I recall even hurled a mower or two. A week or so ago I had the opportunity to swear at my Danish mower as it decided not to work. After a trans-Atlantic consultation I decided to deal with the shit in the carburettor (how often do I have to do that then?)

That was actually not a problem and easily fixed, but I am apparently not the first person to that the throttle linkage apart and (stop the giggling at the back) and I am certain that there are pieces missing. hence I can't get it working correctly...

After yet a little more swearing I decided that the answer was a new push mower, we have a very old one that only flattens the grass and I like the environmentally friendly, quiet nature of the machine.

What a fantastic idea. I swore at the mower, lavishing it with praise, it is without doubt the best idea I have ever had. I love it and the lawn looks great as a result!
It doesn't look quite like this but you get the idea.


  1. Anonymous9:31 pm

    That looks like the orange Husquavarna I told you I wanted!

    Lawn mower throttle linkages are not THAT complicated - there is usually a governer operated by air from the cooling fan. It revs the engine up automatically when you give it more work to do.
    OK get pushing - like daddy does@

  2. Anonymous9:56 pm

    I am amazed that a person with your history of mechanical success found trouble with a single cylinder engine!! If you keep the bits and photograph them- and then put them on the Blog, then Dad and I will perform an online repair! I rember that the little springs on the governor were always a pain!


  3. Mette Kathrine9:57 am

    Thank you Ben, I already suggested that when I was asked for advice on how to put it back together!
    I like the new push mower as well though so no hurry to get the old smelly, noisy one working...