Wednesday, June 27, 2007


What's he got to do with it? I guess you think he would approve of my environmentally friendly choice of mower!

I can't be bothered to take it apart again at the moment, but the clutch linkage is fine, the governor connection seems to be fine, the problem is that there is no connection to the throttle and there are no parts left over. I'll take some pics at the weekend if I motivate myself to take it apart again.


  1. Mette Kathrine10:01 am

    Oh, no let us do something more fun this Saturday. We can tidy up some cupboards, wash the floors or pull some weeds up in the garden.

    On a totally different subject - we are very much looking forward to Grandma G visiting in August (maybe writing about gardening made me think of that).

  2. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Who said anything about the clutch linkage?
    The throttle is probably connected to the governer and so is the caburettor - in other words there is no connection between the throttle control and the carb butterfly.
    Remember Swartzneger is a Republican - they deny the existence of global warming. He drives a Hummer - 7mpg
    We have gardening needing doing too

  3. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Arnie is also former Mr Universe- noted for their brains and political opinions (almost as much as filmstars.)

  4. Anonymous8:52 am

    CA also has the most challenging environmental targets in the US and Arnie has been traveling to other states encouraging them to implement cuts in greenhouse gas emissions etc. I think you may find that his hummer now also runs on LPG or something although this is not that much better than normal petrol.