Monday, June 04, 2007

Moutnainbiking in the dark

In a couple of weeks I am riding in a 24 hour mountainbike race as I may have mentioned before. Part of the challenge of such a race is that at some point it will get dark. There are a couple of choices that are open to you at this point, either carry on or stop.

Carrying on involves the use of lights, I have some of these although the batteries will only give me about 1½ hours of riding. The only problem here is that I have never tried riding off road in the dark before. I am planning to use them in the race, but I think I should practice a bit first and herein lies a problem. I can't seem to get myself together to go out riding at 10 o'clock in the evening. Tonight I will try again as it is a bank holiday (again) here tomorrow.

I'll try to report back if I survive.

I have been reading the fat cyclists blog for some time, the guy is quite witty and if you are interested in cycling I think that seems to combine to give 5 minutes of entertainment most days. Unfortunately for him, his wife has cancer and to my own surprise, this has effected me somewhat. I have been dwelling a little on how difficult it must be for his family to carry on as normal, but he seems to be making a good fist of it. Have a look if you like, I think it is my favourite blog. (I have ordered one of the pink Jersies from TwinSix that are supporting him and his wife, all proceeds are for charity)


  1. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Have you not got a friend with a 4x4 to follow you with headlights on to light your way as a pursuit vehicle. This may be a safer option, unless k is prepared to fix some big lights to the top of your car and go off road. This is not a comment on her driving, she would be going off road deliberately.

  2. Anonymous12:49 am

    I didn't realise that you had to ride in te dark.
    This seems to be a most foolhardy occupation, I would not have approved had I known.
    Doesn't it stay light for most of the summer in Denmark, to compensate for being dark most of the winter?
    Suggestion above sounds like a reasonable alternative(aj I suspect)
    I think that you should stop if or when it gets dark.

  3. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Fit dynamo lights- they work all of the time when you are moving. (They turn off at junctions which is probably the most dangerous time!


  4. I can't believe that nobody posted about the pink jersey!
    Thanks for the useful advice