Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pain is temporary..

Quiting is forever according to Lance Armstrong; well he probably had working brakes when he said that. After 2 laps both Steve and I were metal on metal for our disc brakes and as we both have exotic British Hope brakes, there were no spares to be had anywhere.
This all stemmed from the appalling weather that started the night before the race that lead to a total and utter mud bath. The trail was a deep much mixed with mmuddy streams and the odd lake. This meant that we both fell off a few times although no serious damage was done and the grit ate through out brake pads in no time. No brakes = no riding and a few beers before a warm dry bed at home.
Pics to follow...


  1. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Paula is hoping that your title is correc! She gave birth to a baby boy last night- Thomas Oliver Fantham- 7lb 13oz. Apparently both are doing well.

    Sorry to hear that the ride was curtailed- it's the thought that counts though.

    Enjoy the USA.


  2. Anonymous4:14 pm

    I told you disc brakes require more maintenance!
    I will stick with my XTR Vees and NOT riding in the rain!
    Congrats to Paula and Tom.
    See you soon

  3. Anonymous12:26 am

    I trust that it was home to two dry beds, or one very large one.
    Both P & T are fantastic, if a little tired.
    Adrian deserves a little pat on the back for his support at least,not to mention his parenting prowess!
    Millard minor & family have been delightful guests over the w/e.
    Tim is converted to the lotus, even with me driving rather than Tim. "It's blowing my hair of granny. I'll put it back on later", & a big smile.