Monday, June 25, 2007


Soooo after a lot of thought and some soul searching, the academic thing seems to be off, I have been trying for well over a year to get Copenhagen Business School interested in giving me about half of what I earn now to work for them. I have finally decided to stay in the real world and earn real money instead.
Speaking of which, I have just been told about my pay review and bonus for the year and it seems that I will have to give even more to the tax man that usual :-)


  1. Anonymous3:53 pm

    I really applaud you for going after your dreams ~


  2. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Good job that you're not in Leeds tonight.
    Leeds, Sheffild & Nottingham under water, a month's rainfall in an hour or a day.
    Amazing. More to come.
    Hope that the job decision goes well - perhaps academia can wait.

  3. Anonymous3:55 am

    what is that banknote?

  4. Anonymous6:04 pm

    To a Perfectly Happy Daddy(PhD).Possibly your lack of knowledge of danish shipping patterns was a drawback,especially since most of the research is printed in danish,is very esoteric and only of interest to a minority,which didn't seem to include you, or maybe they sussed you were merely feigning an interest to doss for a couple of years.So off you go back into the rat race to have success and krone thrust upon you.Must be a hard life.

  5. Bank note is a painting I think, from the BBC website

  6. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Gill, you did not win on the Eurolottery, mainly because you did not have numbers over 17 and the first number was 17. I shall be calling in the dues later, as you were not the only person who requested I buy them tickets on the grounds that I live near a shop ! This must be a very good selling point for my house since you others clearly do not have access to retail outlets.ajen

  7. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Congratulations on your son, lucky it's Saturday, he won,t be blithe or gay and no Libertine. aj