Friday, September 18, 2009


Thankfully DK slept better last night, but I was foolish enough to watch a James Bond film (the dreadful License to Kill at that) and go to bed late so I have woken up tired this morning.

The situation is not helped by the 65km ride I did with the bike club last night. I was somewhat relieved that most of us who had been on the 85km hammer-fest on Tuesday evening opted for the shorter ride last night and took it relatively easy from the point that the long and short ride groups split up. One of the mistakes I made was going for an hours easy ride on Wednesday lunchtime to loosen up my legs, in the end I rode too hard and it only made matters worse yesterday. I struggled to keep up on any of the hills. Thank goodness I was not alone.

J is back from his trip tonight and chaos will surely return to the house with him. It has been quiet without him but I think it has been good for DK to get some extra attention. He is heavily into walking around the house holding both of our hands at the moment so I am feeling confident that I will win my bet with MK that he will be walking before the end of October.

Tomorrow morning I am looking forward to getting back into our Saturday morning ritual of making pancakes for breakfast and at some point I would like to fit in a last 100 mile ride of the year. Sunday looks like the best bet with the weather, but I think I'll have to get out the door early to avoid trouble and be able to get the garden work done that MK is planning.

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  1. Anonymous7:40 pm

    He'll be riding a bike by Christmas.
    Have a good weekend.