Thursday, September 24, 2009

Early Morning and To Do Lists

This morning DK decided he had been in bed long enough just before 5:00 and he let us know in very clear terms (screaming) that he wanted to be out of his bed and he wanted his breakfast. I guess we'll be tired this evening.

As the summer is drawing to a close and I realise that there are still lots of house jobs that I should have done during the summer, but remain undone I have an ongoing list of jobs to do.

Chief amongst these is painting the doors for the kitchen cupboards and putting them back in place. I have now at least filled the holes in them, but there remains a great deal of scrubbing, sanding and painting to be done. I hope do have this done within the next couple of weeks.

Then there are the basement doors and windows that I started last weekend and need to finish. This will require a spell of good weather, but again, I think it is reasonable to expect this to be done within a couple of weeks. Then what?

I would like to get our basement painted and tidied up enough that it becomes a less unpleasant place to be. I am not aiming for a delightful living space, but I think I should be able to paint the walls and the floor a bit at a time during the winter and make it into more of an extension of the house than a dumping ground for all the crap that we don't want to look at. Building the bike rack was an important step in the right direction for this project because there are no longer bikes along all of the walls, but now I need to get rid of the kitchen doors and push ahead with the cleaning and painting.

Is Christmas realistic as a target? Only time will tell.

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  1. Anonymous10:15 pm

    It looks pretty good already to me - it certainly has been improved by the spiral staircase & mood lighting.
    Are the bikes at the other end?
    I'll come & lend a hand - I could start scrubbing the floor if I bring my toothbrush.