Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I suppose one of the consequences of colonic irrigation is that whatever goes up, must at some point come out again. DK soiled himself and his bed twice last night, once before going to sleep and once shortly afterwards. He then slept through the night before doing the same again this morning, once in his bed and once on the kitchen floor.

Just to add to the fun, J didn't quite get his bedtime nappy on straight and consequently wet his bed as well so there are lots of bed clothes hanging up to dry in the basement at the moment.

DK is back for more today so I guess there'll be plenty more laundry to be done tonight as well. His cold seems to be turning into a cough so we think there is a good chance that the cleft palate operation will be cancelled for this week which is a pain because it means that MK is likely to have to change her start date at work, we have to go through the stress and worry again at a later date and we still won't get an answer about his tummy because the biopsy was to be taken during the cleft palate operation.

The final exciting health update of the day is that J looks like he has a cold sore on his top lip. I have no idea where he got that from, but I certainly wasn't going to kiss him goodbye this morning.

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  1. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Don't you have a rubber sheet?
    At least you didn't have to wait for a full load to put the washing machine on.
    I hope that both J & DK wake up if good health - no cold sore genes here.