Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I wasn't gone for long...

I was busy at work all day on Monday and had no internet connection all day today in the meeting room where I was stuck in Faxe - hence no posting here.

Anyway, all is well. We had a busy weekend doing all kinds of stuff. I painted the basement windows and door, cleaned the windows and did a bunch of other domestic things including making a lot of banana buttermilk pancakes. These are a big hit with DK who still can't eat bread or anything hard so I had to make them on both Saturday and Sunday morning.

I had been harbouring secret plans to do a 100 mile bike ride on Sunday in the forecast good weather. Unfortunately there were all sorts of obstacles to escaping the house for 5 hours or so meaning that I just went for a ride in the afternoon with DK sleeping peacefully in the trailer behind me whilst I pedalled.

I made up for Sunday's missed ride this evening with a good hard ride out with the bike club. We did 85km or so in a pretty hard wind but I felt good and hung in with the fast guys all the way. I think that may well be the last evening training session of the year as the race season ends this weekend and it is now dark by 7:30. It's time to head indoors for evening training and to spend the weekends training instead of racing. Now I am looking forward to racing with the club in the 2010 season if I can keep training over the winter.

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  1. Anonymous12:18 am

    Where do you find the energy?
    I guess that DK doesn't add a great deal to the weight of the combination.
    Glad all's well.