Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bike club hammering

I went out with the bike club last night and got my ass kicked again. It was nice to get out in the sunshine and do a bit of work but by the time I got home 85km later it was cold, getting dark and I was totally worn out. I haven't had much time or energy for cycling in the last couple of weeks and it has always been an effort to keep up with those guys but it is worth the effort.

The racing season finishes at the end of September so there are only a couple of weeks left before everyone heads indoors for spinning sessions during the week and the outside rides are reserved for the weekends.

J is off on this nursery trip so it is just DK who is keeping us busy. He is eating a lot at the moment and insisted that we got up at 4 this morning to give him a midnight snack before he went back to sleep for an hour or so. He is getting rather talented at pointing to what he wants, he makes you pick him up then he points you to the kitchen and the the food and complains bitterly until he gets what he wants. We can't understand that he is eating so much, but are happy to keep feeding him hoping that he will put on some weight and keep growing. Now his swollen tummy has gone down, he looks like a skinny little oik!


  1. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Maybe the flushing unkinked something and he has room to be supersized/

  2. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Tell me his secret - pig-out & stay slim.
    Who wouldn't get up at 4.00am foe DK?
    I am still amazed at 3/4 year olds going on a residential - have you heard from J?

  3. Anonymous12:56 am

    Secret is to s--- a lot. Basis of most diets!

  4. Anonymous12:56 am

    Intestinal hurry.

  5. You can look like him if you want, You have to be constipated for about a year and then have 4 consecutive days of colonic irrigation. Easy.

  6. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Booking the colonic now