Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to normal (ish)

MK and DK came home from the hospital yesterday and were both very happy to be home again. DK is eating very well and seems to be recovering well although he can only eat soft stuff for another week or so and we have to be careful what he gets hold of so that nothing long, hard or sharp ends up in his mouth.
J came home from T&B as well and was happy to see us all and deliver his cakes that he had made with T.

Yesterday morning I took my new winter bike on it's maiden voyage and was very impressed with it. It may seem somewhat over the top for a winter bike but I don't care and I took all of the parts from my old Cannondale so it is only the frame that is new.

On Friday night between 10 and midnight I finished my bike rack for the basement and am quite pleased with the results. It isn't pretty and I suspect that many of the angles are not exactly 90 degrees, but I made it myself from scratch and it only cost me about £20. It is a bit of a squash to fit them all in and my mountain bike is missing from the rack because it is missing a back wheel, but I think I can squeeze it in at some point. Do we have too many bikes? No not at all - the rack holds 6 and we have 6 to put in it.

Finally, last week before DK went into hospital for his operation, we had a test run with the trolley and were happy to see that he can walk with it on his own. It will be a while before he walks totally unaided but it was nice to see this much progress.


  1. Anonymous10:04 am

    The 'winter bike' should go well with a Santa outfit (red/white).
    What makes a winter bike a winter bike? Heated grips, grippy tyres, mudguards - all NO. Perhaps it ios just the seasonal whim or date of acquisition.

  2. Winter beke = cheap training wheels, heavy puncture resistant tyres, mudguards to be fitted and didn't cost 2 months salary so I don't mind it getting shitty salty water off the road into all the parts as much.