Monday, August 20, 2012


We just had a fantastic weekend.

Friday was the medieval festival in Ringsted so after J and I had our hair cut (and he had temporary coloured stripes done) we watched some people dressed in silly clothes doing silly stuff and a woman kill and gut a chicken before heading out to the summer house for the weekend.

I spent Saturday morning repairing the broken bits of the boat with marine plywood and glass fibre and then set about rigging it up. That was no easy task without anything to refer to but in the end I decided that I wasn't racing anyone so the most important thing was that the correct things were securely attached to the boat, mast, boom or sail before hitting the hay.

The weather has been fantastic so we dragged the boat down to the beach on Sunday morning and had a great time sailing around, first on my own, then with the kids and after lunch I got MK to come out for a test ride again.

There wasn't much wind, but there was enough for it to be fun and the kids enjoyed it. We didn't get many photographs as it tends to be me taking then and I was busy with the boat. We'll try to get some more next time.


  1. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Did you leave the camera in the kitchen in case of an unexpected kale ?

  2. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Is that a Kale gale? Best upwind I think. Something you ate Sir?

  3. Don't mock the kale, you never know when you may have to live on the stuff for a week...

  4. Anonymous11:00 pm

    We're looking forward to it - we hope to loose weight & return with model proportions!!!
    W/e sounds great.