Friday, August 17, 2012

Launching trolley

Life is busy all the time these days. I have finally admitted to myself that if I want to get regular exercise, then it's going to have to be in the mornings before everyone is out of bed. I hate early mornings and particularly hate jumping out of bed into vigorous activity but my first attempt at it in a long time as a success. I managed an hour long bike ride before 7:00 yesterday morning and had a good day afterwards.

Yesterday evening I was out getting a launching trolley for the boat. The guy bought it for a boat he   was expecting to buy, but his plans changed so he was left with a trolley and no boat. I got it unused and half price. It came apart into pieces small enough to fit in the car and the only problem was that I could only fir 3 or the 4 bolts when I took it out of the car.


Now I need a trip to the hardware store again to get one, but all in all, I am pretty happy to have found a trolley I can use so cheaply. I just hope that I can get it down the beach in the sand on my own with a boat on it. Some of the others on the beach have double wheels or maybe I need some balloon tyres.

We hope to get the boat in the water at the weekend, wish us luck.

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  1. Sounds like a good deal - have a good look in the car for usain, first.