Thursday, August 23, 2012

Early morning bike rides

My alarm clock went off at 5:30 again this morning and for the second time this week. I dragged myself out of bed and went straight out on my bike. The sun isn't up when I leave the house at 5:45,  but it is light enough not to be dangerous and I am getting to enjoy the experience of seeing it come up from the saddle.

I blogged last week that I had admitted to myself that the only way I could find time to exercise was to get it out of the way before breakfast and it seems to be working as I have now succeeded on each of the 3 occasions I have tried and enjoyed each of them. That is despite the rather tough interval sessions involved.

I find it wakes me up very well and I don't have the problems of cramp in bed and difficulty sleeping that I get with late night exercising although I am ready for bed a little earlier than normal. Early bed times fit perfectly with MK's circadian rhythms though so there's no problem there.

Maybe I'll even get some photos one morning although I am not sure that my brain or co-ordination to manage that, remember the intervals I am supposed to be doing and also staying upright on a bike.


  1. Anonymous12:05 am

    Sun coming up from the saddle - interesting concept!

  2. Anonymous12:37 pm

    That snetence intrigued me, as well.
    Is MK turning into a cricket, or have I the wrong word.
    aj will fit in well - bed at 7.30!