Monday, August 27, 2012


It's been another busy weekend (the only kind we have these days thankfully). J's street football was over by lunch so we headed to the summer house with cousin A as we were babysitting her overnight.

We had a good walk along the beach to wear out those who hadn't played football before cooking up a big batch of tacos for the kids and chilli for us.

The night went smoothly and we woke up to a good strong wind. J and I took the boat down to the beach and with a lot of huffing and puffing (and swearing trying to get the rudder on whilst being beaten by the boat in the waves) I got out for a sail. The wind was verging on being too strong for me in reality and I was very conscious of not having any back up of a rescue boat should something break.

I tore backwards and forwards across the bay having a blast. I did have to stop the put the rudder back on again at one point (I have a new retainer clip to put on) but after about 45 minutes I called it a day as I was getting tired and rather battered. I took the sail down to find that the wire halyard that holds the sail up had almost broken. There were only 2 strands left so I had timed it perfectly.

This morning I was up and out at 5:30 for my early morning bike ride, I enjoyed it again and seem to be getting into the habit just in time for the mornings to be too dark to go out. I then had my renal scan which wasn't all that much fun and the tracing fluid has left me felling a bit crappy all day. Hopefully it will all have been a waste of time anyway.


  1. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Sounds hairy.
    Why the renal scan?
    Hope the kidneys are filtering fantastically.

  2. Checking for kidney stones (I think)