Monday, January 04, 2010

Slush Cup #4

It was damned cold yesterday morning, but we decided that the entire family should come with me to Helsingør to watch the latest stage of the Slush Cup anyway. By cold, I mean it was -8C when we left home and -9C when we got to the race site. Given that, I guess it is no surprise that there were some slippery patches out on the course and the turnout was a little lower than at previous races.

I had a really good race and enjoyed it a lot once I was warm. I think the rest of the family froze somewhat, but they looked happy and it was great to have some support

You can see a video made of the race here and about 3/4 of thw way through, J and DK appear eating the finishers cake.

In the end I can 75th which was somewhere near the middle as usual although it was closer to the front than previous races.
After a very rapid change and reloading of the car, we set off hoping that the boys would fall asleep in the car, that was not to happen, but after an emergency garage stop for m&ms, things got a lot better for us all. Hopefully the next one will be a little warmer.

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  1. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Well done, although you must be mad to go out in lycra at -8.
    MK & the boys deserve medals.