Friday, January 22, 2010

Back on the straight and hopefully narrower

After an autumn and Christmas of easier training and slackened eating control I am ready to get down to some serious training and dieting again. Something clicked this week that made me realise that I need to get serious again. It wasn't so much of a click as a squelch as I forced myself into my smallest pair of trousers yesterday that I realised it was time to take control of the calories.

I don't think I have gained much weight, maybe 2 kg but as I was aiming to get down to 90kg this year and I think I am at about 98kg at the moment, there is plenty of work to do.

A review of the rules:
  • No white stuff - sugar, mayo, lard, ice cream, cream or cauliflower if I can help it. ( I'm still allowed a little butter)
  • No refined sugar, cakes, sweets, biscuits unless it is during or immediately before/after exercise
  • Limited starchy food - rice, pasta potatoes
  • No milky coffee
  • Lots of grated carrots
As some sort of encouragement, I have entered the 2010 dust cup which is a series of mid week mountain bike races much like the slush cup, but in the summer - hence dust cup. The races are around Copenhagen and on Wednesday evenings so there won't be too much upheaval and I will be able to fit them in around club training and hopefully some road races at the weekends...

Before any of that I want to lose at least 5 kg by easter which is a good 10 weeks away and get to a point where my trousers are comfortable again.


  1. Anonymous5:31 pm

    you're OK with the butter - even Lurpak is sort of yellowish.
    I'm not sure about the rejection of cauliflower, it is very filling with a low fat cheese sauce.
    Dust sounds greatly preferable to slush & perhaps has more friction.
    Thomas is on my lap, helping. He says "Hello, whats rhat big one?"
    G has some too big trosers, if you want them to tide you over.....

  2. Anonymous8:47 pm

    G's too big trosers? .

  3. I don't need bigger trosers or trousers

  4. Anonymous12:49 am

    They'd be like long shorts on you!
    They are also all 36" or bigger - not much use to you.
    I call them trousers too!

  5. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Trousers too, now that's a mouthfull.

  6. Anonymous9:02 pm

    or is it 'mouthful'

  7. Anonymous12:18 am

    I think that this may be to distinguish them from uni-trousers, or trousers one, as worn by the uni-pedded.
    Not a wide market.