Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was just reading a post on a biking forum and people were listing all the bikes they'd owned. I thought it was interesting to see that some had 30 or more bikes in 20 years, whilst some had only had 2 or three. I guess I was about average with my list, but I can easily see that it is not average compared with the normal population. Let's not think about the car that I could have bought with the money, but instead consider how much fun I've had with them and that they have get me in better shape mentally and physically than any car ever could.

Dawes Stratos road bike with Shimano 105 - 1991

Scott team racing - 1997 (stolen)

Trek 2200 road bike - 1999 (payment for plastering a wall!)

Marin Rift Zone - 2000 (sold frame)

Cannondale R3000 -2004 (stripped parts)

On-one Pompino - 2005 (sold)

On-one geared inbred - 2004 (sold)

Cannondale Jekyll - 2006 (sold)

Cotic Road Rat - 2008 - (Still got)

Salsa Mamasita - 2008 (best MTB I've had)

Cervelo R3SL - 2008 (sexiest bike in the world)

Cervelo soloist team - 2009


  1. Anonymous10:37 pm

    You are ruining a perfectly good blog with all this talk of bikes!!

    Meanwhile, here the jammin continues almost constantly, and the teacher has yet to teach any concept of pianisimo to the pupil, who tonight fancies himself as Chris Martin..last night he was Eric Clapton..


  2. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Lucky you!
    I'm thinking of blogging trainers that I have had - I think the list may be shorter than W's bike list.

    Where are the Raleigh & Diamond Back.......
    Are you ashamed of your history?

  3. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I'm not sure that 'sexy' & 'bike' should ever be in the same sentence but what do I know!

    Can't wait for tickets to go on sale for the first 'gig' at B&E's!!


  4. Anonymous11:55 pm

    The odd sexy bike could feature on a number of blogs.

  5. If you can't see that a bike can be sexy then you need to look harder. :-)