Sunday, January 17, 2010

All going well

J and I visited the dynamic duo again yesterday, this time taking the train to make the experience a little more exciting for J. All went well and DK was noticably better than Tue day before. He has been eating some real food and seems to be getting stronger again.

Sunday morning I was supposed to do the next round of the slushcup mountain bike race. This was the urban round and is around a derelict warehoue/dock area. I got there 1,5 hours before my start time to find -2C and a howling wind to go with the ice underfoot. It didn't take many seconds to realise that I'd rather be in the hospital with M&D Ks that risking my neck out there so I went to the really good baker on Christianshavn and got some bread and cakes and then headed for the hospital.

During the night DK had removed his own drip so he now only the tube in the othe end to deal with although the IV may well have to go back in unless he starts drinking a lot.

Now it's tme for some of my home made Thai vegetable soup with the over priced bread before I head of to get J from the outlaws later.

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  1. Anonymous12:08 am

    Sounds like a good decision - cakes rather than a freezing bike ride.
    Get an early night.