Monday, January 25, 2010


It was nice to have another weekend without any real obligations other than being at home and entertaining the kids. I had planned to spend some hours out on my bike during the weekend, but the 2 hours that I spent on Saturday proved to be enough to persuade me that I shouldn't go out again on Sunday.

It was about -4C (low 20s F for those of you who reside in the past) and there was an icy wind blowing across from Russia to keep everything deeply frozen. I was pretty damned cold for most of the 2 hours that I was out although I did enjoy the opportunity to get some fresh air and daylight. When the chance came to ride again on Sunday, I chose to ride in the basement and watch the end of Watchmen on DVD and get in some power intervals instead of risking the ice again. A good choice I think.

This morning I have been to the Chiropractor to get my neck sorted out a bit. The problem is a trapped nerve that is always brought on by a great combination of stress and desk work. I can thank DK for this one which makes a change from work causing both of the problems!

DK is continuing to do well, he had his stitches out this morning and is currently at the cleft palate centre seeing a doctor for a check up and a speech therapist for the same I suppose. He makes a lot of different noises and seems to communicate quite well considering that the only word he can annunciate clearly is "more".

MK and I have another hour planned with Darcey this evening. Hopefully the yoga will be good for MK's cold.

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  1. Anonymous12:22 am

    Delighted to hear that DK is fine from all angles, just MK's cold & your neck to sort now then.
    Doesn't J have the odd twinge anywhere?
    You should all be fit by 12 Feb.
    -4 sounds like a hotty & bed to me.