Thursday, December 03, 2009

Time Crunched Training update

I started the new training plan on Monday and so far it has been fine. In had to do a test at the weekend to determine my maximum average heart rate that I could sustain for 8 minutes (I had to do that twice and it was not much fun) to determine my training zones.

Then on Monday it was a fairly easy 45-60 minutes riding before the real sessions started on Tuesday with 3 x 10 minutes Steady State, which for me meant with a heart rate between 148 and 151. That was harder work and I have to do it again today although yesterday was a rest day. Somehow I seem to have synchronised this poorly with real life because tonight I will be late home from work, we need to flush DK's bowels and the boys both need a bath so I suspect it will be another late night.

Tomorrow, however, will be something of a challenge for a totally different reason. J is coming to work with me in the morning and then we are going into CPH for some Christmas shopping in the afternoon. He is normally very well behaved when it is just the 2 of us but I know he will got bored in the office so I plan to do a bit of work at home before we go to make sure that there are no emergencies that need to be dealt with and then keep the desk time to a minimum. We also have a Nintendo Wii in the office that I should be able to get working for J if someone helps me. Thankfully it is another rest day from training though.


  1. Anonymous7:21 pm

    njoy your day at work,J

  2. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Put our tree up yesterday, and remembered that you were all here last year when the tree went up. We found a christmas decoration which J made when he was here, which has pride of place by the T and K ones. In fact, we have so many home-made decorations this year, we have left the official ones in the box! I don't think we'll win any style prizes, but we love it!