Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mad snow

THere was about 15cm of snow here last night and the country is doing an impression of the UK with 1.5cm of snow meaning that lots of things have ground to a halt.

I got to work ok, now I have to get home...
Edit: Which I managed without serious incident


  1. Anonymous8:07 pm

    We do have snow,have bunkered down and opened the Christmas Bristol Cream. Do I care ? No. If the snow gets deep I shall get out my seventies moonboots (remember them ?) and walk all of the 100 yds to Sainsbury's. aj

  2. Anonymous10:01 pm

    We've got snow too!!!
    Not alot but enough for the kiddies to get excited about!!

  3. Anonymous9:24 am

    Snow Curfew
    We now also have 15cm of snow.Advised not to go to work; schools are closed. Stay at home !!

    Ironic, BA strike off and airports affected by snow. Calmer ah,kharma.

  4. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Strangely, we don't have snow.
    29 degrees today but a nice breeze on deck.
    Glad that you're enjoying it - get out there & make a snowman, it may be the only snow in the UK if not in DK.