Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No time for Christmas at the moment

Yesterday was a very busy day for me in Copenhagen. I took the train to avoid all of the climate summit congestion but as a result spent a reasonable amount of time walking around in the falling snow. The evening was another hurried afair with work calls coming in throughout, DK breaking a glass snow ball thingy and everything happening rather later than planned.

The result was that the kids were not in bed until 8 and I was not feeling up to training as a result of my cold/flu thing and general tiredness. Instead I decided to watch "Don't mess with the Zohan" that was lying around from the DVD club. It was crap. There is very little else to say other than don't waste your time with it, you'd be better off asleep.

Today the busyness business continues so I doubt that I will make it to the Nursey Christmas bazar to buy back the picture frames that we gave them a few weeks ago. I am sure MK will come home laden with works of art though :-)


  1. Anonymous4:24 pm

    You have snow - how quaint.
    I think that it was 27 degrees today in Muscat.
    Don't give the boys glass baubles to play with, it always ends in tears.
    Hope that you're feeling better.
    Sent a pc today, may arrive by Christmas.

  2. Anonymous1:47 pm