Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Less wee, fewer nappies and more plastic toys

J has been pretty good at not weeing in his pants since his 4th birthday. We don't quite know why, but he happily went through 2,3 or 4 pairs of trousers a day until his birthday and from then on it has only happened once or twice because 4 year olds don't wee in their trousers. We don't know why, but we are happy about it.

However, he doesn't seemed to have figured out how to not wee in his bed so he still sleeps in a nappy. The problem was that between putting the nappy on and getting into be he would inevitably use it meaning that it needed changing before bed and that habit was getting rather annoying and expensive as well so we made a deal that if he could manage a week without weeing in his nappy before bed he could have something that he really wants:

Isn't that ugly?


  1. Anonymous10:38 pm

    And that's it ? Scarey.

  2. Anonymous6:56 am

    Anything that saves you dragon nappies on and off must be good! G

  3. It looks less menacing now that MK has accidentally broken off the flames/vomit coming out of it's mounth!

  4. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Blimey! T would be terrified at the prospect of this toy! He is scared of Bugs Bunny, Ben 10, aliens, everything.
    But maybe J would be terrified at the prospect of line dancing to High School Musical cd's or singing to Steps for hours on end...these two cousins couldn't be more different!

  5. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Dragons are ugly, but I can see the magic and fun about them, too... enjoy it, J!
    L :-)