Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday

I didn't get around to posting yesterday but happy birthday to my dad anyway.

We have been busy doing not much at all - just the odd walk in the woods, eating drinking and trying to decide where and when to go on holiday in 2010.

J had been promised "the biggest chocolate cake in the world" if he managed not to wee in his pants in December which he (more or less) managed so he got this.

We polished off the turkey in a rather fine pie that I made from scratch.

This morning the car is being serviced before MK and I go to Copenhagen for lunch and a quiet, child free stroll around the city.


  1. Anonymous8:37 am

    Your cake & pie are a credit to you.
    The cake looks very like a g version, I guess that J had a hand in the decoration.
    Were there any bears in the forest, or had they all been shot. we hope to go for a walk today - snow has not arrived - enjoy your holiday.

  2. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Wishes of a very happy New Year, with lots of made-from-scratch pies, time with family, health and many laughs!
    L, W & I