Monday, December 07, 2009

Non stop action

There is a lot going on over here at the moment. My journey to work this morning took me 1½ hours because if the climate conference and we have been advised to avoid Copenhagen completely on some days next week. I can see it will be a pain in the neck just getting around.

J and I spent Friday doing a bit of Christmas shopping and managed to find everything that we needed although he was somewhat disappointed by the time that he spent at work with me before we hit the shops. Oddly enough he found it boring despite being force fed sweets by my colleagues for most of the time he was there.

On Saturday I managed a decent bike ride whilst cooking a load of stuff for dinner in the evening when some some friends came to eat with us. It was nice to see them and they have since called to instruct MK that we should leave DK & J with them one evening and go out to eat because she looks like she needs feeding up a bit.

Sunday was my company's family Christmas party. We had a great time, there was a magician, far too much to eat and of course the kids got presents. Now I have to get on with some work and figure out how to do all the other stuff that has to be finalised before Christmas.

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  1. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Take MK to work so that they can force feed her sweets - cheaper than the meal out.
    She eats quite a lot actually, fast metabolic rate!
    love from Safaga.