Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christymas

I can't believe how busy I am this week and I suspect I'll have to do some exta stuff before going back officially no 4th January but at least I got the biggest stuff out of the way.

We're getting set to eat ourselves into oblivion for the next few days so it's time to wish you all a happy Christmas and get busy in the kitchen. I just made some leek and potato soup for tea this evening in an effort to avoid rich food for a couple of hours before the sh#t hits the fan tomorrow afternoon...

Have a good one and I hope Santa brings what you want.


  1. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Merry Christmas everyone.Watched the Muppets Christmas Carol again yesterday, so in the true Dickensian spirit, as Tiny Tim would have said it, "God bless us every one." aj

  2. Anonymous10:49 am

    Merry Christmas to you all !
    Have a fantastic day.
    Speak to you soon

  3. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Yes, William, Santa brought me so much more than what I even dreamed... and with the greatest feeling of happiness and gratitude, I wish you, your family and everyone who reads your blog a very Merry Christmas!