Monday, May 25, 2009

Windy 100

Thursday was a public holiday in Denmark (Big Prayer Day amusingly enough) and Friday was a day off for me as well so I wanted to get some training in.

On Thursday we went to the "land of legends" in Lejre which is a sort of re-enactment of a medieval village with all sorts of things to see and do. We were there with T&B and K,L&A to celebrate B's birthday, the weather was kind to us and we had a great picnic in the sunshine. I had the somewhat silly idea that we should all go by bicycle so we set off for the 30km (~20mile) bike ride, MK on her bike alone and me pulling the trailer with 2 boys in it and lot of other clothes and gear. It was hard work but we were not too late and I think it was worth the effort. MK was suffering a bit by the time we got home and I was glad that J elected to get a lift with his grandparents instead of weighing me down.

After a short ride on Friday, BHP and I agreed to go for a long ride on Saturday. He plotted a route and we met half way between our houses to set off for 160km. There has been some rain overnight so I put on my rain jacket and set out at 09:30 to meet him. It was very windy and we somehow managed to ride approximately 110 of the first 120km heading into the wind before finally turning to ride down wind. The map shows some sort of approximation of the route and the blue arrow shows that the wind couldn't have been much less helpful. I was really tired when we got back to Sorø and was happy to crash out for a while before being presented with a great meal. Sunday was a lazy day, I took J to the swimming pool, he now kicks his way across the pool with his arm bands on and loves going down the big slide. Now I have to get on with a more aggressive training and dieting plan for the next month...

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