Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Speech Therapy

DK has been making quite a lot of noise for as long as he has been able to. He loves banging anything he can get hold of together to make a noise and since he had drains put in his ears in December so that he can hear better, he "talks" quite a lot too.

Normally kiddies of his age should be saying dadda and other things by now and of course MK was worrying about the fact that he doesn't say those things yet.

Last week he had an appointment with a speech therapist from the cleft palate centre who will follow him until he is about 10. She was happy with his speech and said that he makes all the noises he should be able to make given the cleft palate and is doing fine. When he has the operation to correct the cleft palate, he will be physically able to make the missing consonant sounds and then he can get on with the "mamma" and "daddas".

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  1. Anonymous5:00 am

    I just love that little boy!
    can't wait to see him in July!