Monday, May 11, 2009

Home again

We had a really busy time in England driving up and down the country but it was really nice to catch up with people and DK's feet are doing exactly what they are supposed to.

We managed a day in Manchester at Booth Hall Children's Hospital just before they relocate to a new building in the centre of Manchester for our next visit in November. J stayed home and made cakes with Grandma and they both enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

On Saturday we met with S, C and F for lunch. The lunch and ice cream were hits, but sitting on the old tractor outside was less posular with J as you can see.

We then went to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park to meet Thomas the Tank Engine and his chums


  1. Anonymous4:48 am

    For the first time I can see a lot of you (w) in DK. he looks dead cute!

  2. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Don't you have to visit to see w in DK?

  3. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Don't we get a mention!!!
    Poor T, KP, E and B

  4. Anonymous1:02 am

    What about me?

  5. I didn't mean to miss anyone out. Those were just the pictures that I had. I didn't think you wanted pictures of KP and T on the interweb thingy.

  6. Anonymous2:14 pm

    No pictures, but a mention is alwys nice!