Thursday, May 28, 2009

Salad tastic

We had a barbecue for tea on Tuesday night which involved some marinated pork chops and the mandatory sausages. As I finished my second sausage MK told me that K&L had been visiting friends at the weekend who were on the Weight Watchers diet and had disappointed L by telling him that 1 grilled sausage was the equivalent in points terms of an entire meal. Bummer.

Thanks for telling me after I've eaten them and not before!

So that is another thing that is off the menu now although it is really pretty obvious that they are completely full of fat and not doing anyone any good at all.

Last night I had a pile of salad and a couple of fish cake things followed by a banana and a lot of water. I had hoped to get some exercise in, but I was baby sitting and DK wouldn't settle so I couldn't hide in the basement as planned.

Weight this morning 104.6kg and according to the scales, down to 25% body fat. I do hope those things are not accurate, because I can't really believe that I have 26kg of fat (not so well) concealed about my person.


  1. Anonymous12:32 pm

    I would take this stuff with several pinches of salt and the odd sausage -
    According to the Food Standards Agency ( at 6ft (1.83)'OK' weightwise is about 67kg [70kg at 6'2"] with anything over 97kg described as FAT! That puts me right at the top end of overweight!!![On a good day]. As even at 6'7" (2.00)OK is only 80kg 1.I am clearly going to have to put on a growth spurt or take up wearing stilts.
    2.I would like to know the criteria used as if these are averages then must be some v tall emaciated people hiding somewhere. 3.Perhaps they have just turned sideways and I've missed them. G

  2. I am trying to get rid of some of the fat that I know is there because I can see and feel it. I don't worry too much about the BMI stuff because I know I will never be 85kg unless I am very ill. I want to carry less weight, ride my bike a bit better and look a bit less portly.
    There is a good page here to determine ideal weight with severl different methods that seem pretty reasonable.

  3. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Who are you kidding?
    You know that sausages are fattening.
    Pork is the most calorific/fatty meat on earth, apart from hippopotamus.
    Fish & chicken is the answer.
    At least you wont be tempted by Indian food.