Wednesday, May 13, 2009

View from the office

The trees don't really do the picture justice, but from the balcony at our office we have a great view over the beach and all the boats passing through the ├śrsund which is the stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden. I can even see it though the window from where I am sitting which means that I am constantly reminded of something that I would rather be doing... There is nothing wrong with working as such, but I do find that it takes up far too much of my time that I would rather spend doing something else.
Last night I managed an hour on the bike after the kids went to bed, it was a little chilly and there were millions of insects, but the sun was shining and it was great to be out again. This morning I have brought a bag of clothes to the office with me with the intention of cycling here tomorrow morning. I am a little fearful of actually doing the round trip becuase I think it will be about 140km all told, but I need to get some training in if I am to manage to finish the Marmotte in July.

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  1. Anonymous9:17 am

    I dropped you there one morning & took J to the beach for the morning, pre DK.
    Just go for the one way so you have the energy to do the work - I get up gently on work days!

    Lovely card from K&L.
    Please pass on thanks.