Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alarm clocks

I used to be fairly reliable with an alarm clock because without one I would never wake up. That has changed since J and DK moved in with us and we are generally awake quite early in the mornings. This has had 2 consequnces, firstly on the odd mornings that everyone sleeps a little later, then I oversleep and secondly, when I do need an alarn I rarely seem to get it working as it should.

This second problem has 2 root causes, the first is that sometimes the alarm clock has been tampered with by either MK (becuase I didn't turn it off properly) or J (he likes to fiddle with things) meaning that the volume may be off or some other problem meaning that it makes no sound. This morning the problem was entirely of my own making. I checked the time, but forgot to check that it was turned on. It wasn't.

I had planned to cycle to work today, the bike was prepared, the clothes laid out and I was psyched up for it. However, given that it is about 2½ hours ride, I needed to be out of the door by 06:30 at the latest and I didn't wake up until 06:18 meaning that I was not going to get to the office before about 09:30 which is too late even for me. In the end I took my bike on the train and I will cycle home, at least I will get a reasonable ride in and have a chance to scope out the route in reverse before I try the round trip (maybe next week).

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  1. Anonymous10:50 pm

    That must be the first lie-in for over 3 years.
    Until 6.18!