Monday, March 19, 2007


We had a great day out on Saturday, not to Ikea this time, but to the zoo. It is a long time since I have been to a zoo and it was J's first time ever. He really enjoyed meeting and greeting the animals

A big bird

A small goat

Elephant: Big

Polar Bear: Big (oversized fish box makes the bear look small though)

Rhinos: Big, grey and a little frightening

The local farm


  1. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Obviously a career awaits Jeremy at Asda,(meeting and greeting), possibly this would also suit Mr T, as it involves talking gibberish to everyone as they enter the store. Unfortunately Ben, as Macauley Culkin observed in 'Uncle Buck' when asked about the endless questions 'I'm a kid, that's my job.',so no escape there. ajen

  2. Anonymous11:58 pm

    ajen you must be spending EVEN more time on your own than I do!
    Whatever happened to "brevity is the sole of wit"?
    wrm (who still loves you)

  3. Anonymous8:07 am

    There seems to be a very large cat on the local farm- keep the rest of the livestock well clear- it looks like a killer.

  4. Anonymous9:28 pm

    K with "a big bird"
    A pretty small bird by my standards!
    The polar bear is a fraud - Stuart Little with no clothes!
    wrm insulting ajen!!!
    ajen IS the soul, the daughter, the sister & the mother of wit!