Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

To Karen this time.

I had a bad IT day on Monday, the hard disk on one of my work PCs died taking all of our digital pictures with it. Thanfully they are all backed up at the office, but it is a reminder of the importance of backing this stuff up. Anyway there will only be google pics for a few days...

Leeds was fun(ish) and I am looking forward to being on holiday very soon as I now have a ton of books to read after ordering some with the new GPS from Amazon and buying 3 in the airport. Even J got a new book:


  1. I have been nagging about backing our pictures up for months...

  2. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Books with GPS?
    Ordered with GPS?
    or you ordered some books AND a GPS?

  3. oh, love that book - it's a pity that my kids are older now :(

  4. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Men"They never listen, even when you go to the trouble of producing them!
    I'm on the track of "The wheels on the bus" (we all know what the do!)
    Our GP doesn't do books, not even mail order. Are you sure that this isn't a con or a prescription?
    What did really kill the dinosaurs?
    I'm about to find out by means of "Horizon"
    Hope I stay awake as I had an extra glass of chardonay (or was it two) as we're off to Paris tomorrow to celebrate G's b'day, so no one here to finish the bottle.
    Pleasant here today, hope it will be warm at Easter.
    G asleep.

  5. Anonymous10:19 pm

    What is a George Bush birthday?

  6. Anonymous9:28 pm

    fun(ish),Leeds is the fun capital of Yorkshire and the height of sophisticaton.You can no longer buy cod and rock salmon in the fish market, it's all red snapper and monkfish; and so cosmopolitan that it is difficult to find anyone who speaks English by the bus station. With Harvey Nicks and Louis Vitton, there's just a possibility that some of the designer gear you see might actually be genuine. Hope you went to Harry Ramsdens. ajen