Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Summer Holiday

When you are trying to think of an inexpensive place to go on summer holiday, Scandinavia generally doesn't spring to mind, even when you live here. Norway is probably the least budget conscious friendly destination in the Nordic region, so guess where were planning to go this year?
The current plan to take a ferry from somewhere in Denmark to somewhere in Norway and then go find some fjords. Norway is painfully expensive so there are a couple of things that we are planning to minimise this pain. Firstly we will take as much with us as we can of food, booze etc, secondly we are working on some low cost accommodation for which there are 3 options

1 I have applied to be a mystery shopper with visitnorway which would get us free B&B for the duration in Family hostels

2 Camping huts are like garden sheds with beds that you can rent on camp sites

3 The most optimistic and dare-devil option is that we are seriously considering camping.

The idea of camping with a toddler may be crazy, but we are at least considering it. I'll let you know what we decide...
Pining for the fjords?


  1. Anonymous9:40 pm

    The Norwegian blue prefers sleeping on its back!

    The Fjords have nothing on Lyme Regis- where we are going with the Outlaws (Elaine's Parents and Uncle Roy)

    Bootiful Plumage.


  2. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Grandma M thought that Norway was the most beautiful country, but then, she wasn't camping.
    I'm sure that there are more fjords than in Lyme Regis, but not so good on fossils (real, not the outlaws)
    Plan a joint holiday next year & granny could come to cook clean & babysit.
    Just been out for a steak - not allowed red meat often.
    It was great!
    Are B,E, T & KP coming on Sunday?
    Too tired to drive to Bicester, a tough week.

  3. Anonymous4:18 am

    as one who went to Norway in the 50s and 60s as well as the 90s I have seen it change from an interesting fishing place with no roads but lots of water - to the richest country in the world.
    I have always loved it from Oslo to Lofoten but Lofoten - the islands above the arctic circle are the best in my memory.