Monday, April 08, 2013


That was a very short weekend.

Saturday was the usualy heady combination of housework, crossfit and cooking combined with a short trip to the outlets to get shoes for the kids and some new pants for me.
Thinking about it, I cut my hair as well.

Sunday was similarly unspectacular as we all drove to CPH to take J to a lunchtime birthday party. Whilst he was playing, I took the dynamic duo to Ikea for horse-meat balls and a new rug for the hall after the kids wiped dog crap all over the last one a week or two ago. Before a short walk (where the below photo was taken) and a cup of coffee in the cold. We even has a snow shower when we got home.

The only interesting things that have happened since last week is that the furniture guys has persuaded his suppliers to send us the right bedside tables for free and we will probably buy the incorrect ones at cost price and use them somewhere else.


  1. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Sounds all good, apart from the haircut.
    I see that the rapha top is >£16 - wow!

  2. It went for £30 in the end.

    There's one born every minute!