Thursday, April 11, 2013


It really is very quiet at home without the kids being there and to be honest it's rather boring too. MK is even going out to a meeting this evening so I will be alone with a monster pile of ironing.

It's been a rather strange experience to be thrown back to our lives before having kids, we have sat looking at each other wondering what to do with ourselves for the evening and the whole process of getting out of the house in the morning has been ridiculously fast and simple.

I miss the chaos and noise.

Our evening entertainment last night was to book a weekend at Astrid Lindgren's world in Sweden for August. Astrid Lindgren was a Swedish author who created Pippi Longstocking and several other characters and now there is a small theme park/village where the characters live and do shows for the kids. DK loves Pippi and they both enjoys the other stories as well.


  1. Anonymous10:07 am

    Sounds good.
    You should read a good newspaper so that you have something to talk about - that, or take MK out.
    I suppose Paleo meals are hard to find near home, though.
    Steak, veg & a glass of water?

  2. All is back to normal now, plenty of noise and chaos in the house and uninvited visitors in our bed in the middle of the night.