Monday, April 22, 2013

Noah's ark

Last Thursday we were invited to Ringsted church for the 4th anniversary of DK's Christening. I put up a little resistance but in the end, I could see that there was more to be lost in refusing to go than there was to gain by avoiding it.

T&B showed up and there were about 10 other families with their kids of DK's age who had been Christened around the same time.

The theme of the service was Noah's ark which was all well and good and the kids got to put some plastic animals into a wooden boat, but I was left wondering about the moral of the story. Maybe I need to read the bible a bot more to confirm the details (almost certainly) but why did all but 2 of each species have to die because of the sins of man?

Was it just a happy coincidence that the only man free from sin was a carpenter? Anyway, why does God have such a thing for carpenters and why aren't they revered a little more?

Anyway, in the meantime, I found my sunglasses in the bottom of the wardrobe where they must have fallen and been buried. I also had a nice sail in the sun on Saturday morning. There was very little wind so I apparently should have waited for Sunday, but that's life I suppose and the sunshine was great.


  1. Anonymous10:43 am

    I've been doing a lot of carpentry lately!
    A whole house! All doors, frames, trim and baseboards (skirting boards).

  2. maybe you're on the road to redemption then?!

  3. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Redemption comes when you stop trying to adjust some religion to your mind or to adjust your mind to some religion. Especially when you have the to make excuses for reality.

  4. Anonymous8:05 am

    I think that it was a space issue on the arc.
    I think that the carpenter was a wise choice allowing for the amount of repair work that would be needed with all of the livestock on board & again, no room for one of each - butchers, bakers, bankers.....

    I think that redemption comes when you are truly sorry for the wrongs you have done, having accepted reality.
    Simplicity is a good start - I think that you have it well sorted,
    love m