Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Teacher strike

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The teachers on strike in Denmark at the moment. Well that seems to be the case but there are some differences between how these things play out over here compared with the UK.

For starters J is still in school as usual. There are temporary supply teachers helping out and there are some teachers who are not allowed to strike who are also working. The normal teachers are in fact locked out of the school and are not allowed to work rather than refusing to work, this is because their unions cannot agree with the state (or counties, I'm not sure) about terms and conditions.

The teachers were at the gates this morning shivering and presumably making the point that they want to work but can't. The strangest thing to me was that they had baked bread rolls for the kids and were giving them all a roll in a paper bag as they went into school.

Apparently the whole thing will be over in a couple of weeks when the unions run out of money, so until then I can enjoy the reduced traffic on the roads and carry on as normal.

MK was glad that her union was not on strike so she doesn't have to stand in the cold singing 70s songs on her own as she is probably the only member of the lawyers union in her school!

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    Talking of food - I had a zero day today - I forgot to eat.m