Sunday, April 14, 2013

We are sailing

Saturday was something of a let down on the sailing front. I got myself to the sailing club and there were lots of enthusiastic boat people around who helped me to get my boat rigged up and ready to sail. This involved borrowing a couple of bits and pieces from others, but in the end we got the sail up and the general consensus was that the boat looked good for it's age and the sail fitted the mast perfectly. Wins all round.

The main problem was that there was no wind at all. In a truly un-Danish style, the water was like a mill pond so it was decided that we should all beat a retreat in order to earn some brownie points to be allowed out again on Sunday.

J, DK and I spent the afternoon installing the new dustbin arrangement and moving hedge plants so I earned enough leeway for a Sunday morning sail.

Sunday was much better, there was a fair amount of fog, but there was also a reasonable amount of wind and we got to have 2½ hours of sailing in the outer harbour.

The boat worked pretty well, it took me a while to get going but by the end I was more or less keeping up with the slower guys and despite a very near capsize at the end, I apparently acquitted myself adequately and seem to have been accepted to the little gang, despite being foreign!

Photos another time I'm afraid.


  1. Anonymous10:04 am

    Isn't boating a bit like that always - hanging around, waiting, but in good company.

  2. I suppose so and that's OK with me. I can feel that I used some muscles yesterday that I generally don't use.