Sunday, April 28, 2013


There seems to have been a fair amount of attention on the use of antidepressants both in the UK and in Denmark over the last few weeks.

Apparently 25% of Danes over 40 have been or are taking some sort of anti-depressant at the moment which seems odd for the country that is recognised as the happiest in the world. The figures in the UK are not much better as far as I can understand from Radio 4.

Happily enough, I have never had to take antidepressants, but it seems as though that is simply because I have never asked for them, I appear to have had enough symptoms to qualify at times.

I don't really believe that I have found the secret to happiness, but it does seem that if I eat well, sleep enough and accept life as it is rather than what I think other people expect of me, then I am on the right tracks. At least that seems to be enough for me to be comfortable enough to relax and be contented.

Now what I need is some new pressure. That's why I am cross fitting and sailing and loving both of them.

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  1. Anonymous7:57 am

    Perhaps that's why the Danes are the happiest - can't be the weather!