Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twittering again

I have posted about Twitter a couple of times and I can see that a couple of the family have joined up, but neither of them ever use it. I put something up there a couple of times a day but I am pretty sure that nobody reads my posts.

I think it is rather like farting in a empty room. There is nobody there to laugh or be disgusted at it so where's the fun?

The weather is great here today again so I biked into the wind all the way to work and I am looking forward to a much easier ride home in preparation for a very exciting weekend when I am racing against Bjarne Riis and Ned Overend. This is the coolest thing that will ever have happened to me on a bike.

I am such a geek.


  1. Anonymous8:02 pm

    U a geek ? Never. Beware Ned Overend, George met his nemesis Ned Overheels the other week.

  2. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Fart in your empty room please!

  3. Anonymous12:31 pm

    I presume that Riis & Ned are geeks as well - keep cool (& connected).
    G appears to enjoy farting anywhere, on his bike in the wind, walking with the wife, in bed, & in any room, occupied or not.
    I shall go back on twitter, if I can remember how.
    I was alone last time.

  4. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Slanderous stuff. Better out than in though.G

  5. Anonymous11:28 am

    Twitters on most of the time - alone or not!