Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekends, this and next

This weekend ended up being something of a damp squib.

I spent the customary half day in a sports hall waiting for football matches to be played. J and his class managed a silver medal in the school football. That would probably seem pretty good for a tiny school if they hadn't won the last two tournaments.

J spent Saturday afternoon lying on the sofa feeling ill and a bit sad -  he had a nasty cough and a fever. I spent the afternoon painting the bedroom

Sunday was another odd day. MK and DK went to a christening whilst J languished some more and I painted a bit more and then we all went to the reception after the Christening of Anton and Jonas. J was still quite unwell with a fever so he and I left early, him to occupy the sofa, me to paint some more.

Thankfully both the kids were well enough to (very reluctantly) go to school and nursery this morning through the overnight snow. I'll collect them early and hope to get the painting more or less finished this evening.

Next weekend I am planning something much more interesting.

There is a boat in Rotterdam and one in Amsterdam. I am hoping to take a trip down there next weekend and come back with one of them...

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