Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Android and filling

Yesterday was far from exciting.

I managed to fill all the holes I made in the ceiling with filler which was a much bigger task than expected. I had to more or less recreate the ceiling surface so that I can spend this evening sanding i and hopefully, finally getting some paint up. I would also like to get a coat of paint on the walls as well, but so far I have underestimated every part of this job so perhaps I should set my sights a little lower.

I also found out whey a Sony Xperia Tipo costs 1/5 as much as an iphone as I tried to get MK's new phone working with contacts etc.

The phone was fairly co-operative in that I synced her contacts from yahoo to the phone without problems. What I hadn't counted on her not having, wanting or valuing any kind of single address book with phone numbers and addresses in the same place. I therefore spent my breakfast time writing down all the numbers from the old phone and now have to update them all in the address book. I know I am going to regret this phone business.

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    Is this blog in English?