Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The First Giveaway

So here it is, the first of my Great Book Giveaways

This is a very long book at over 1000 pages and it took me quite a while to read. (To be honest, a little while to get into as well.) However, once I was in the groove it turned out to be an excellent story. I would say that it is little like a Harry Potter for grown ups, with a certain amount of Dickensian charm thrown in for good measure. The style of writing (I hesitate to use the word "prose") is a pleasure to read and the inventiveness of the continues to develop throughout the book.

I enjoyed it, as you can tell, but I would say that it is no light undertaking to read and therefore probably not well suited to those with a short attention span or with little or no spare time (you can decided for yourselves if you think that may be aimed at anyone in particular!)

So who wants it? (If anyone!)

I am prepared to send it anywhere in the world to the person anyone who really wants the book and tells me why in a comment to this post. I will decide on Sunday who is getting it and then let you know.


  1. Anonymous9:56 pm

    a thousand pages completely rules it out for me! - too much to carry and too long to read

  2. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Having enjoyed the company of you accompanied by this book on no less than two holidays - both Summer and Winter - I am a little frightened by the task...Though after reading "War and Peace" I do not at all consider myself as falling into the category of "short attention" readers! It does however seem a little heavy and unpractical for the trains, busses and pool sides I will be frequenting this Summer :-)

  3. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Harry Potter-ish? So this takes place in England? Did you like the message or theme? How well were the characters written. What do you think were the best things about the writing? What else has this author written. I read Amazon book reviews to help me describe a book. 1,000 pgs little too much for me right now.


  4. I am not experienced at reviewing books as you may be able to see ;-)
    The Characters are very well developed throughout the book and as you follow them through the book (which spans a great deal of their lives. The book is based in England with forays into Italy and the Iberian penincular, but it is the magical connection that links it to Harry Potter.
    I think this is the authors first book, so that is an easy one.
    At least if nobody wants this it will save me on the postage!

  5. Anonymous11:35 am

    Did you mean 'prose'!!!

  6. hence the hesitation!