Friday, July 06, 2007

Bench Mystery

Our bench went for a short walk last night after we went to bed. This morning it was sitting on the pavement outside the house looking back into the living room. Thankfully it didn't stand on the hedge too much getting there...


  1. Mette Kathrine11:05 am

    I find it a bit scary and what won't happen then while we are on holiday.

  2. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Don't worry - it's just a poltergeist! They like furniture


  3. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Looks to me like it has disappeared!
    In San Francisco I used a long bicycle cable lock to stop the furniture getting stolen.

  4. Anonymous3:51 pm

    OK after I commented it re-appeared

  5. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Wm-Re: the book, if your competition is meant for your family and close friends and not us outsiders, no probl.

    Re: the bench, do you have neighbors who would look out for your home? Or a police patrol while you're gone?


  6. Hi Di
    Anyone can have the book, so far you look to be a likely candidate so I'll take it to the US nexct week and mail it to you. Our neighbours will keep an eye on the house and there is very little crime here so I'm not worried, we may hide the new TV a little out of sight though!

  7. Anonymous4:02 pm

    suggestion-lock the bench in the garage and put the book on the patio.ajen

  8. Anonymous12:53 am

    I think that the bench just wanted a change of scenery.
    Alternatively, some of those people who now stare in, since you removed the hedge, just wanted a better look & sought comfort.
    What it must be to be an object of great interest!
    You don't need to ask the neighbours to watch the house whilst you are away, just leave the bench where it is.
    Obviously, a tale of mystery is the way to elicit comment - note here for WRM.